The Cat Herder device (originally sold as an ultrasonic dog repeller ) is an electronic device that is about 4 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. It helps you motivate your cat when you know where your cat is but you can’t get to it to pick it up. You press the button and it sends out a high-pitches sound that humans can’t hear but is painful to a cat. For example, if your cat is under a car, it will generally make the cat leave that space. (I cannot guarantee it will work with all cats every time, but it has worked well with our Siamese cats.)

If you want to teach your cat where the boundaries are in your area, just zap your cat when it crosses a boundary line and it will turn around. In my experience, it will remember that boundary and be hesitant to cross it except when extremely motivated (chasing something or being chased). It works like an electric fence for this use.

Warning: Do not let children or irresponsible people use the Cat Herder device. They can drive a cat crazy in a few moments if the cat can’t get away from the sound which can’t be heard by humans.

Ultrasonic dog repellers were designed to send vicious dogs running away (it works when the dog is on your territory – but not when the dog is defending its perceived territory, in my experience). It may not work for all cats. Test it in the house and see how your cat responds. If it doesn’t work, return it.

Currently, I recommend the PetSafe Ultrasonic Remote Trainer for Dogs and Cats on Amazon for use as the Cat Herder device.