The Cat Finder device is a small handheld device about the size of a credit card that is about 1/8 of an inch thick. It is synchronized with a small tag you attach to a collar on your cat. It will help you find your cat when your cat is out of sight. You point it in the direction where your cat might be and then rotate 360 degrees until you get a signal. This is very useful in several ways.

1-Your cat is outside and nighttime is approaching. You can go out, find your cat, and bring it home.

2-You are out with your cat and it disappears. You can find your cat.

3-You don’t know if your cat is outside or inside. Check the house first and if you don’t get a signal, your cat is outside.

For example, we have a tracking tag on the collar of our cat Blue. When I’m outside with Blue and she disappears, I pull the Cat Finder out of my pocket, push the On button and then push the button assigned to Blue (there are four buttons that can be assigned to up to four cats), and start scanning the area where I last saw her.

It’s all about getting a signal and moving in the direction of a stronger signal.

Sometimes I have to walk around to get a signal. Once I get a strong signal, it’s just a matter of moving in until I see the cat. Often Blue comes to me because the tag on her collar emits faint beeps and she knows I’m looking for her.

Currently, I recommend the Tabcat Cat Tracker.